Become a Deputy Registrar

A Deputy Registrar registers voters and verifies at the time of registration their identity. Because the individual provides proper identification (ID) to complete this form, there is no ID requirement placed on their voter record. They will NOT be required to show ID when they vote the first time or requesting a Vote by Mail ballot. This allows individuals to vote in a more efficient manner and minimizes identity concerns for election judges.

How To Become A Deputy Registrar
  • Be a registered voter in Champaign County at your current address. You can check your voter registration status here.

  • Watch the training video & read the manual.

  • Pass the quiz

  • Schedule a time to come to the Elections Office to sign the oath and pick up your voter registration forms. You can make an appointment by emailing or by calling 217-384-3724.


Are precinct committee people Deputy Registrars?

Yes, a precinct committee person is eligible to be a Deputy Registrar but they must take the class and be certified.

Can I be a Deputy Registrar and campaign for a candidate or issue?

No, you cannot. Deputy Registrars are acting as representatives of the Clerk's Office and must be impartial. Referencing particular parties, officeholders, candidates, and/or questions of public policy or referenda while registering a voter is inappropriate.

I am already a deputy registrar, does my commission expire?

Yes, it does. It expires on November 30th of the next even numbered year. To renew your commission, please follow the steps above listed under How To Become A Deputy Registrar.

I need more registration forms.

Come by the Elections Division of the County Clerk's Office and we can provide you with more. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM and located at 1776 E Washington St, Urbana.



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