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There are many ways to search the records of the Recorder of Deeds website. Here's a quick breakdown.


Direct Search gives you the ability to search records, for free, filed with the Champaign County Recorder of Deeds Office. Search results will include basic information about the document, acquiring an image of the document is at a modest cost.

There is a 10-day delay on documents being filed with the Clerk & Recorder's Office and being available on Direct Search.


Tapestry is a web-based search program. It has pay-as-you-go access or account payment plans.

Access Tapestry here.

Benefits of Tapestry:

  • 24/7 Remote Internet Access
  • Secure browser based access
  • Search various parameters (grantor/grantee, date range, legal description, etc)

Cost of Tapestry:

  • Index / Image Search – $6.95 per search
  • Print Copies – $1.00 per page
  • Flexible Payment Options: Pay-as-you-go with a credit card – Visa & MasterCard accepted
  • Open Account Payment Plan – $25 minimum per month

Helpful Hints for Using Tapestry:

  • LESS IS MORE – only search under one criteria. For example, last name only or subdivision only.
  • Searching by PIN is not recommended.
  • When searching by name use the format LASTNAME FIRSTNAME one space and no commas.
  • If searching by legal description, you will need to put in the exact subdivision name for your search.
  • If searching for a Plat, look up the document number from the subdivision list located under the forms tab. You will need to use the number not the name to find your plat.

Laredo offers 24 hour access to the records held by the Champaign County Clerk & Recorder's Office.

Benefits of Laredo:

  • 24/7 access through web browser or desktop software
  • Results are updated in real time
  • Same user interface that is used on Recorder’s work stations
  • Customizable results screens
  • Subscription based

Cost of Laredo:

Minutes per Month Cost per Month
0-250 $75
251-500 $125
501-1000 $200
1001-2000 $300
2001 and up $400

To Sign Up for Laredo:

  • Download, sign, and return the Service Provider Agreement to
  • Choose and download your Laredo software choice.



Monarch is a unique service of Fidlar, the company who provides our recording software.  Using Monarch, you can obtain copies of documents from our office in bulk.  For example, if you wanted to have a copy of all the deeds filed in one month in our office, Monarch would be your most cost effective solution.

You can find out more about Monarch at the Fidlar website.




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