Civil Union License Info

The process of joining in a civil union is the same as a traditional marriage, however, a civil union may not be recognized by other states. Both civil union and marriage ceremonies may be performed by a judge or religious authority of your choosing. If you have questions about the difference between the two, please call us at 217-384-3720.

Information about scheduling the civil union ceremony at the courthouse can be found here.

Quick Facts About Civil Unions
  • Illinois has had civil unions since 2011.
  • A civil union is between 2 people of either the same or opposite sex who are 18 years of age and not blood relatives.
  • A civil union can be converted into a marriage, a marriage cannot be converted into a civil union.
  • For federal income tax purposes, a civil union is not a marriage and cannot file with any married status on federal taxes.
  • Civil unions also can have different parental visitation rights after divorce.
  • For more information about the legal differences between a civil union and a marriage, visit Illinois Legal Aid.
  • If you want to be married through a courthouse wedding service, you still need a marriage license. That is not a civil union.
Important Reminders
  • Both parties must be 18 years or older and not blood relatives.
  • You begin the application process online but must pick the license up together, in-person at the Clerk’s Office. Valid ID with proof of age is required by both parties. Acceptable ID is outlined here.
  • Once the license is issued, the civil union must take place within 60 days in Champaign County. Couples must obtain a civil union license at least 24 hours before the ceremony is to take place. They cannot obtain the civil union license on the day of the ceremony. 
  • A civil union license cost $75.
Applying For A Civil Union License

Step 1 - Complete the online form here.

Step 2 - Complete the in-person requirement of the license. You can schedule a time to come to the Clerk's Office here or by calling (217)384-3720. We do not take walk-ins.

Step 3 - Get civil unioned!

Step 4 - Return your civil union license to the Clerk's Office. You don't need an appointment, business hours are Monday-Friday, 8AM-4:30PM. For social distancing only 2 people are allowed in the office at a time, knock on the door for assistance.


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